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      1. Business
        Ocean Freight

        > Business > Ocean Freight >

        Our core business activity is the organization and execution of import and export shipments by sea as well as the provision of project-related shipping services to and from the ports most conveniently located for our customers, which really match our customers' individual requirements in terms of speed, flexibility and cost-efficiency. 

        ☆ FCL containers service
        ☆ LCL consolidation service
        ☆ Transport project management on customer order
        ☆ Transportation ex works to DDP
        ☆ Door-to-door transportation
        ☆ Consolidation & container breakdown
        ☆ Customs clearance
        ☆ Documentation and booking
        ☆ Groupage cargoes and warehousing
        ☆ Arrangement of transport insurance
        ☆ Enquiry service

        After over ten years effort by our professional teamwork, we developed our special advantage routing from Chinese ports to following:  

        ***North Africa routing(Morocco, Algeria, Tunis,Libya)***
        ***West and East Africa routing***
        ***North Europe and Mediterranean sea area***
        ***North Africa and South Africa area***

        Every year, we load over 10, 000 TEU from Chinese ports to above mentioned area. The quantitiy is booming year by year too. 
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